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2.4V Lithium titanate battery

2.4V Lithium titanate battery

2.4V Lithium titanate battery


Product Description: 

According to customer requirements.


High security, high stability, long cycle life and green environmental protection and so on, reached the international advanced level of similar products.


Can be widely used in new energy vehicles, electric motorcycles and high safety, high stability and long cycle applications

Major customers: 

China Mobile, Shanghai Institute of Biology, Shanghai Jiaotong University Power Engineering, Shanghai Bao Gang Group, China Unicom, China Jiangsu Education Group, Institute of Shipbuilding Industry 701, a unit of General Staff in Nanjing, Shanghai, General Electric, Shanghai Telephone Equipment Factory, Shanghai No. forty Institute, Shanghai Bell - Alcatel Shanghai Robotics Institute, Daqing Far Eastern Group, Shanghai Hongqiao Airport, informed communication Taiwan, Taiwan Ruiqing industry, Intel (China), Siemens (China) Limited Pacific Century Electronics, Mitsubishi, Samsung, etc.

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The Catalogue of 2.4V Lithium Titanate Battery
Model Capacity Voltage Burst discharge current Size (Dia*H) Resistance
YJ6838T 80mAh 2.4V 15C 6.8±0.15*38+0.5/-0(mm) ≤100mΩ
YJ6538T 80mAh 2.4V 15C 6.5±0.15*38+0.5/-0(mm) ≤100mΩ
YJ7230T 80mAh 2.4V 15C 7.2±0.15*30+0.5/-0(mm) ≤100mΩ
YJ7240T 120mAh 2.4V 10C 7.2±0.15*40+0.5/-0(mm) ≤90mΩ
YJ0825T 65mAh 2.4V 10C 8.0±0.15*25+0.5/-0(mm) ≤150mΩ
YJ0840T 170mAh 2.4V 10C 8.0±0.15*40+0.5/-0(mm) ≤75mΩ
YJ0845T 180mAh 2.4V 10C 8.0±0.15*45+0.5/-0(mm) ≤80mΩ
YJ0850T 240mAh 2.4V 5C 8.0±0.15*50+0.5/-0(mm) ≤75mΩ
YJ0860T 280mAh 2.4V 5C 8.0±0.15*60+0.5/-0(mm) ≤75mΩ
YJ1010T 35mAh 2.4V 10C 10±0.15*10+0.5/-0(mm) ≤160mΩ
YJ1015T 70mAh 2.4V 10C 10±0.15*15+0.5/-0(mm) ≤100mΩ
YJ1020T 90mAh 2.4V 15C 10±0.15*20+0.5/-0(mm) ≤100mΩ
YJ1025T 130mAh 2.4V 15C 10±0.15*25+0.5/-0(mm) ≤55mΩ
YJ1030T 160mAh 2.4V 15C 10±0.15*30+0.5/-0(mm) ≤45mΩ
YJ1040T 250mAh 2.4V 15C 10±0.15*40+0.5/-0(mm) ≤40mΩ
YJ1316T 140mAh 2.4V 15C 13±0.15*16+0.5/-0(mm) ≤85mΩ
YJ1320T 180mAh 2.4V 15C 13±0.15*20+0.5/-0(mm) ≤60mΩ
YJ1325T 250mAh 2.4V 15C 13±0.15*25+0.5/-0(mm) ≤40mΩ
YJ1330T 300mAh 2.4V 15C 13±0.15*30+0.5/-0(mm) ≤35mΩ
YJ1345T 520mAh 2.4V 15C 13±0.15*45+0.5/-0(mm) ≤30mΩ
YJ1450T 700mAh 2.4V 15C 14±0.15*50+0.5/-0(mm) ≤30mΩ
YJ1650T 850mAh 2.4V 15C 16±0.15*50+0.5/-0(mm) ≤25mΩ
YJ1850T 1100mAh 2.4V 15C 18.5±0.15*50+0.5/-0(mm) ≤20mΩ
YJ1865T 1500mAh 2.4V 15C 18.5±0.15*65+0.5/-0(mm) ≤20mΩ



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